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V/A - Get Together Again
Maxie König, Dip, Ana Antonova, Cie

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Distribution: DBH-Music
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V/A - Terra Lights 2
including tracks by Peter F. Spiess, Maxie König, Ana Antonova, Nicola Brusegan, Mar io and Cie

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Maxie König, Dip, Ana Antonova, Cie


Vinyl only - Release April 2023 - please order here - - disco piu - hardwax - hhv - juno - red eye records
bandcamp (limited, numbered special edition only available on bandcamp)
Distribution: DBH-Music

The compilation "Get Together" enters a new round and gathers four artists to take a journey into electronic music together again. Maxie König opens the gathering with warm basses and sparkling chords in her track "TenTen". The unmistakable groove immediately carries us away and drives us straight onto the dance floor, where the no less deep track "Dezest" by Dip resounds through the speakers. Here we float on the smooth strings of the recurring sound waves, which one can hardly resist. Ana Antonova takes up this beautiful flow in her fascinating track "Naked Neighbour" and adds jazzy melodic elements that are interwoven with original sounds to create a fabulous, versatile sound story. Finally, Cie picks up the bass and groove again and reflects the wonderful atmosphere of this gathering with the harmonic strings in "Haus Im Turm", making you want to put this record on "again" and "again". Vinyl only.


Including Oliver Hess Remix


Vinyl only - out now!
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Distribution: DBH-Music
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Cie has been on an exciting musical journey since the foundation of the Form & Terra Records label and the first record "Auf Los" and now delivers further highlights with "Adventures". Together with a remix by Oliver Hess, the record has four driving tracks that will be released exclusively on vinyl. The "Löwenburg" first appears on the horizon, and the closer you get to it, the more powerful it appears. Arriving at the gates, the lion extends his claws and with his pounding, multi-faceted beat and bubbling, lively sounds pulls every dance-loving clubber into the castle with full force. Oliver Hess waits here with his musical tools and refines the masonry of the "Löwenburg" with crisp percussions and incredibly driving beats in his inimitable way. With a hammer and chisel, he sharpens the original in his remix and opens up new sound paths to the castle's secret locations.
Through the dark corridors of the castle we get to the "Bergfried", the first track on the B-side. Hypnotic synth runs and pulsating basses demand everything from every wall, no matter how thick, and enjoy testing it for stability. Finally, it goes deeper into the underground with "Der Stollen". Wherever digging deep, fascinating things come to light in the club night: brilliant flashes of sound briefly sparkle like precious stones, and rattling, tirelessly driving beats ensure that you lose yourself in the depths of the sound of the "Stollen".
Four exciting tracks that are ready for any club adventure. Vinyl only.


Peter F. Spiess, Cie, Prakash, Markus Funke


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The third vinyl-only release on Form & Terra Records is all about "Get together". Four artists gather on the 12 inch record to undertake a journey into electronic music together. First, Peter F. Spiess saddles his shimmering "Celluloid Pony" minimally and technoidally and rides high into the air via rough sound structures and flashing melodies. There Cie built his "Wolkenburg" and floats with it groovy and with great attention to detail into new layers of the atmosphere.
On the B side, "Numbers Talk" by Prakash from Gran Canaria enchants with a great groove that is as deep blue and deep as its home in the Atlantic Ocean. Markus Funke ushers in the final trip back to Cologne with his dub-technoid monster "Levissima". Four wonderful tracks for all discoverer who like to have a thirst for adventure on the dance floor.

Mar io - Through The Night


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After a gap of a few years in between his latest releases (on Terminal M among others) Mar io focuses his attention on his own productions rather than sticking to remixes. He unveils a wonderful EP on Form & Terra Records which kicks off with the title track "Through The Night", a very special acid house smasher which will put every dance floor to a test. Then comes Max Cavalerra who puts the track through some secret alchemical processing and turns it into a dark and more techno-driven tune which is sure to make mind and body move even at 6 am in the morning.
In addition, techno legend Patrick Lindsey celebrates his brilliant vinyl comeback with an irresistibly grooving remix which demands your attention with unprecedented drive and gets to the heart of Mar io's original message "This Is What We're Living For". Last but not least, Mar io himself tops off this extraordinarily versatile EP with a grooving vinyl-only remix.

"Through The Night" was selected by John Digweed as Top20 track of the year 2019. Please also check the collection of DJ sets of DJs who support the record.

Cie - Auf Los


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With the EP "Auf Los" by Cie the new label Form & Terra starts with driving beats, sparkling melodies and bright strings. Remute and Einmeier push the record with their very own interpretations: Remute accelerates with his thrilling remix from 0 to 100 in record time and shakes the clubs with deep basses. Einmeier takes over the control on the B-side. By taking parts from the original he creates a subtle, minimalistic and deep sound experience. Cie hits the home stretch with the driving track "Perleffekt" to give the record its final colour.